What Keeps You Up at Night? Masonry Edition

May 5, 2023

As a masonry contractor, there are countless things to keep you up at night. The past, present, and future are filled with what ifs that could turn your business on its head. You just never know when your business could deal with theft, a mistake on the job, or even a cyber-attack. What you can do is be prepared and protected!

Here are a few what ifs and how you can prepare and protect your masonry business before they happen!

What if: My masonry business is hacked, and our clients’ data is stolen.

The internet is a vast and expanding space, which gives businesses new opportunities, but also new risks. It’s often thought that large corporations are the ones who deal with cyber-attacks, but actually, 61% of data breaches directly affect small businesses. There are a number of ways to prevent them, including updating your software, installing firewalls, and requiring multi-factor authentication. Unfortunately, even the most secure networks can still be hacked, and that is where our cyber insurance product Cyber Shield can prepare and protect you! CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON CYBER SHIELD!

What if: A brick layer uses the wrong mortar and that causes structural issues later.

Some mistakes won’t cause an issue immediately, and this can be a scary thing. It might not be for years, but at some point, it will be a problem for your business, and you may still be liable. Contractors’ Errors and Omissions can provide coverage for faulty work or defective products that are a result of an error or omission. Without it, your business could be on the hook for the damage and repairs. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON CONTRACTORS’ E&O, CLICK HERE.

What if: My concrete mixer was damaged in a storm and needs to be taken in for repair.

If you have Inland Marine Protection for Contractors, also known as IMPAC, you’re in luck. With the IMPAC endorsement, you would potentially be able to rent a concrete mixer while your own was getting repaired under the rental reimbursement coverage. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON IMPAC, CLICK HERE.

As a Masonry Contractor you work with a variety of tools, a wide range of jobs, and have a multitude of risks that could keep you up at night. Having the right business insurance can not only prepare and protect your business, but also give you a good night’s sleep.

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