Protecting Your Carpentry Business: How to Hit the Nail on the Head

December 4, 2023

According to Forbes, 53% OF SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS said their biggest barrier to getting proper insurance coverage was not knowing what they even needed in the first place. This means you’re not alone. You’re the expert when it comes to carpentry and we’re the experts when it comes to insuring your carpentry business. We’re here to help!

To start, let’s get a myth out of the way: “I don’t need insurance, because I don’t make mistakes.”

You may not make mistakes, but did you know the TOP 3 MOST COMMON BUSINESS INSURANCE CLAIMS in America are theft, water-related damage, and wind and hail damage? The common theme is none of these have anything to do with the quality of your work. A proper business insurance policy can help keep you doing what you are great at, carpentry.

Now that you know you need insurance, the question becomes, “How do I know what coverage I need?”

Well, the simple answer is to find an expert. A local Independent Insurance Agent can help you figure out just what your carpentry business needs. What makes an Independent Insurance Agent unique is they work for you; they can find you the right coverage at a reasonable cost and help ensure your business insurance policy doesn’t have any gaps in coverage.

When talking to your Local Independent A1 Insurance Agent, ask them what coverages are typically recommended for carpenters!

When it comes to coverage for carpenters we typically see a Standard General Liability Coverage, INLAND MARINE PROTECTION FOR CONTRACTORSCONTRACTORS’ ERRORS AND OMISSIONSCOMMERCIAL AUTO, and CYBER. But all carpentry businesses are unique, depending on the scope of your work and where you live. Your business may not need all of these coverages, but your Independent Agent will be able to offer you a combination that is a perfect fit for your business.

If you’re part of the 53% of business owners that don’t know what insurance converge you need, don’t worry. We’ve got insurance experts waiting to help you make your carpentry business a total STUD. A Local Independent A1 Insurance Agent can help you hit the nail on the head with insurance coverage for carpenters!

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