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A Quick Guide for Safe Landscaping

May 26, 2020

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Protect yourself and your equipment when you work outside.

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The weather is finally nice, and you’ve been itching to cross a number of items off your outdoor project list. Some items may be big projects, while others are routine weekly tasks. However, each chore requires some safety protocol so you don’t get hurt.

Landscaping Project Safety Tips

The Spruce provides a detailed list of safety tips that can save you from a potential injury.

1. Know How to Operate Machinery

If this is your first time working with a piece of machinery, don’t operate it without knowing how to use it. Follow the instructions that come with it.

Learn to ask questions at the hardware store. Above all – take your time!

2. Know What to Wear

Each project requires different safety equipment. If there’s potential for thrown projectiles, wear safety glasses. If you will be doing heavy lifting, wear a back brace. If machinery is loud, wear earplugs.

3. Be Smart With Electricity

Electric-powered devices are easy to maintain, and you don’t have to worry about using gas.

Even though they use power cords or rechargeable batteries, there are protocols you should take to stay safe with electric-powered devices. For example, make sure your equipment is off before plugging it in, and make sure you don’t trip or sever power cords.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Has your lawn become a jungle? Then it's time to fire up the mower!

Here are some safety tips from Lawn Doctor:

  1. Get familiar with the owner’s manual
  2. Disconnect or remove the spark plug before you perform other kinds of maintenance on the mower
  3. Drain gasoline at the end of the season – start off with new gas
  4. Clean the lawn mower
  5. Replace or top up the oil
  6. Clean or replace the air filter
  7. Sharpen and balance the blades
  8. Fog the engine

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