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Manage Workers Compensation Claims With Nurse On Call

July 21, 2020

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Connect injured employees with the right level of care at the right cost.

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What should you look for in a Workers Compensation program?

You want coverage to protect your assets and future earnings. At the same time, you want to offer injured employees a better chance to return to work.

The Pekin Insurance Workers Compensation program gives you all of this. We offer Nurse On Call to connect injured employees with the right level of care at the right cost.

What Workers Compensation Does

In the event of a work-related illness, injury, or death, Workers Compensation typically covers the following expenses for employees:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Funeral costs

Workers Compensation can only be claimed when the employee or surviving dependents release the employer from all legal claims. In this way, Workers Compensation acts like a settlement that clears the employer of wrongdoing and offers financial aid to the employee or dependents.

Workers Compensation helps protect your assets and future earnings. Having it at your business shows employees you care about their livelihood and recovery. Your state could require you to carry this coverage, too.

Workers Compensation is great, but Nurse On Call makes it even better.

What Is Nurse On Call?

Nurse On Call offers injured employees access to an occupational nurse who is available 24/7. Without making an onsite visit, the nurse assesses non-life threatening injuries and determines if treatment requires self-care, an appointment with telehealth, a visit to an onsite clinic, or a trip to the emergency room.

Telehealth provides injured employees with immediate access to a physician via iOS/Android phone, tablet, or a computer with video. This is ideal for sprains, strains, and other non-emergency, medical-only injuries. Telehealth saves time by eliminating the need to schedule and travel to appointments.

With Nurse On Call and telehealth, your injured worker receives timely and professional care. Your program should also see a reduction in incurred costs, increased PPO and pharmacy network use, decreased litigation, and fewer visits to the emergency room.

How Nurse On Call Works

  1. The employee contacts the supervisor to report a non-life-threatening injury. Nurse On Call does not facilitate serious injuries that should be handled through 911.
  2. The supervisor and injured employee call Nurse On Call.
  3. If the nurse does not refer the employee for medical treatment, the nurse gives self-care instructions and follows up with the employee the next day.
  4. If the employee later determines medical treatment is needed, the employee can call the nurse for reassessment.
  5. The nurse will identify a preferred provider.
  6. The employee needs to inform the provider they are covered by Pekin Insurance.
  7. A copy of the nurse triage report is forwarded to the policyholder and Pekin Insurance.
  8. If treatment is sought, a claim is generated, and a claim specialist will contact the employer and injured worker.

Nurse On Call Benefits

Nurse On Call benefits your business by:

  • Facilitating early intervention with a nurse specialized in occupational care.
  • Assessing the injury immediately for the right level of care and cost.
  • Reducing the number of claims and unnecessary physician visits.
  • Reducing lag time with quick and efficient reporting.
  • Helping employees return to work quicker.
  • Allowing access to the preferred provider network.
  • Providing access to translators in multiple languages.
  • Recording all calls.

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Do you want more out of your Workers Compensation program? In addition to Nurse On Call, Pekin Insurance offers a Return to Work program, Loss Control support, and local claim adjusters.

Pekin Insurance goes Beyond the expected® to rehab, rebuild, and restore lives. Contact your local, licensed Pekin Insurance agent to get started with our Workers Compensation program.


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